Repurposed Door (into) Inspirational Art

I’m slowly getting back into a steady pace after a very busy April and May.  There’s no place like home and no other place I would rather be.  Although, home is where my heart is, I do enjoy events and visiting other places.  It is always fun to meet people and learn from their life experience.sea Ps95For right now, I am home and enjoying catching up on projects.  I had mentioned in a previous post, You + Me = Love, regarding my passion to reuse materials instead of buying new.Door boardsI have a couple boards left from the old door my hubby picked up.  He cut it into individual panels and I have been using every scrap from it.  You can see a small BARN sign I made from a bottom section of the door HERE.

Although, I enjoy painting just about anything with a positive message. I love the power of Scripture to encourage and equip the viewer with Truth that transforms and gives life, hope and joy.Full Dark PSThe inspiration for this piece came from watching the memorial service of Elisabeth Elliot last year.  She lived an amazing life and is known as one of the most influential Christian women of the 20th century.  This passage hung above her window that overlooked the sea.

I thought how magnificent each day must have been as she witnessed the power of God’s creation.  How many roaring seas she faced and then saw brought to peace.  The beauty she experienced as she watched the sun dance upon the water.  I am sure everyday God revealed more of Himself to her through His majestic sea.

I never noticed that verse until Valerie Elliot Shepard shared it at her mother’s service.  It spoke of a lady who stayed faithful through the storms of life and with God’s help made beauty from ashes.

What does this verse say/mean to you?

Recently, I did a little tweaking from the original (above) and sanded the Psalm 95:5 a bit so it faded into the background.Sanding Ps95I felt the darker reference (behind) was competing with the lighter blue color of the verse.  My first attempt to fix it was to outline the light blue words in an off-white.  I thought this helped a lot and fit perfect with giving it the feel of waves (‘happy mistakes & fixes’…or as Bob Ross said, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”).  Ps95 cornerSo in the attempt to fix my “happy little accident” of making the reference too dark, I broke out the sandpaper.  As I look at it now, both the outlining of the letters and sanding were needed to complete the piece.  I think the faded (sanded) type adds to the overall beach/water feel of it.  God is good! 🙂Ps SandedWhat do you think?  Would you agree or do you like the reference darker?  Do you even like the reference behind the verse? Lol  I promise you won’t hurt my feelings…love feedback! 🙂 Finished PSWell, more importantly, may you be reminded of the Lord’s faithful presence the next time you stand before the sea.♥


♥ Michelle

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