Burlap Mummy Treat Bag

This is a fun and easy craft idea for Fall! Make a treat, gift or lunch bag within minutes…put a smile on face that can’t be measured! 🙂

Burlap, Black paper, Scissors, Googly eyes, and Glue (Optional: white acrylic paint).
Mummy brown bag

Take a brown paper bag (lunch size).
Cut black paper to cover 2/3 of the front and glue it down with a glue stick (side without flap).

Also, cut burlap the same size as the black paper (or use the brown bag (width) to measure and cut burlap to cover the black paper.
Mummy - burlap cut

Cut the burlap in strips (no need to worry about perfection–it helps for the sizes to vary).
mummy burlap strip
Use glue stick or tacky glue to secure the burlap to the black paper.
mummy -BT
Leave a space between the top strip of burlap and the second strip for the placement of the eyes.

Finish glueing on the burlap strips.
Mummy Burlap

Place eyes on mummy bag.
(Art tip/trick: I only had small goggly eyes on hand. To create a larger eye, I used acrylic white paint and made larger circles for the small googly eyes to be glued in the middle space).
Mummy -wc
Mummy glue eyes
mummy eyes

I used a hole punch and made holes in the top of the bag and then tied a bow for easy access. A mummy never looked so cute! 🙂



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