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As soon as I gave my daughter this book, she took it to her bed and took a nap with it. lol  My daughter and I love this book! The message is good for children and adults alike. The illustrations are beautiful. My little girl likes to find the cats on each page. She follows the loop de loops with her finger. It is her new favorite book and she wants me to read it to her every night. I hope to see more of Happy Heart in the future!  Thank you for such a beautiful story. — Christina B.

I’ve been reading kids books to my children for seven years and Happy Heart is the best children’s book on our shelf! — Jim R.

This is such a wonderful book!  My children love the illustrations and message that is written in this story! — Keri D.

Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated!! We bought this as a Valentine’s gift for our son and will be reading it for years to come. — Christine D.

Just bought my Happy Heart book from Michelle and had her sign it! What a heartwarming book with a great message for kids 0-99!  A beautifully written and illustrated children’s book with colorful and detailed pages. Love it!– Michelle K.

We picked up a copy of Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! from a homeschool convention we attended.  I was surprised to see my very anxious son sit still for me to read it to him.  However, an instant calmness came over him as he listened to every word.  Thank you for writing such a beautiful book! — Virginia P.

Written for children, but even my 21 year old son has made positive changes in his life after reading Happy Heart! — Susan J.

We are proud to carry Happy Heart at our shop!  — Jennifer, Pickled Pickles

What an incredible book! Happy Heart! Thank you so much for writing such a sweet and true children’s book that has a message for everyone! I love the illustrations too. — Christina

Love that book! Had the privilege of meeting Michelle at the Apple Festival last fall. — Noelle M.

Thankful and excited to get our copy of Happy Heart!  Thank you so much Michelle!! — Caroline G.

Our grandchildren’s favorite book! — Wanda O

You are amazing! I love the first book! Looking forward to reading your next one! —Dawnita L.

Beautiful story!! —Paul Matthews, Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation

Happy Heart is a must read for every child. —Jackie Kendall, Power to Grow, Inc.

Happy Heart is a good little book for children to understand that the life of Jesus in us is the only thing that can truly make us satisfied and joyful! — Valerie Elliot Shepard, daughter of missionary parents, Elisabeth and Jim Elliot

Michelle Marttila has such a heart for Jesus–and a heart for reading children to Him! — Christin Ditchfield, A Family Guide to the Bible and host of Take it to Heart!