June Daisy Cheese Box

I collected several cheese boxes thinking I would use them to practice decorative painting

Although, this technique is lovely, I found out that it was very time-consuming to get the rough cheese boxes prepared for this style (I did manage to get one prepped/smoothed–so you just may see at least one box (probably only one though) in a future post with this technique). 🙂

What to do with all those cheese boxes? Well, I love the natural rustic feel of them so I decided go with a more distressed/aged look.

This one had “June Daisy” stamped on the side of it. Therefore, what would be more fitting than to paint a daisy!

I almost jumped out of my skin with joy when I looked up the meaning of a daisy from www.religionfacts.com

DAISY – The daisy developed in the 15th century as a symbol of Jesus as an infant or in his humanity, because it is a more humble than the grand fleur-de-lis.JD8

Other commentaries mentioned that the daisy is a bright flower symbolizing love, grace, purity and simple virtue.

L-o-v-e it! A daisy it is!!!

JUNE D2I used liquid acrylic paint to make the daisy on the lid (and to the top/bottom rims). Then, I gave June Daisy a quick sanding and finished her off with a thin coat of stain (NOTE: It is best to stain outside (smelly!) and make sure to follow the instruction on how to discard any brushes/cloths (or in my case an old sock) with the stain on them).

JUNE D3I’m so happy how she turned out! Just makes me smile. What do you think?JD6JD10

By the way, if you want to add “June Daisy” to your home, let me know (via this blog or Facebook). For subscribers, she is $35 (market price: $45).JD7Also, I have a few others getting ‘a bit a cheer’ added to them that I will be sharing. In the meantime, if you have an idea of what to add to one (or what you want), feel free to share it. I would be glad to personalize one for you.

Hope this inspires you to get painting! 🙂

♥ Michelle

Michelle Marttila

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