About Me

michelleMy love~
Most days you can find me wearing a scarf, boots (or flip-flops) and driving my jeep. I married my college sweetheart and we bought an old ranch home to renovate and make our own (slow process, but making progress every year!).

My joy~
I became a cat lover after a sweet tabby kitten arrived at my door a few years back. She introduced herself by using her own unique language that was a blend between, chirping, squealing, and a puppy barking. With her fun little way a communicating and her love for climbing our apple trees, we affectionately refer to her as Monki (Cheetah). ♥ So grateful she came to our door!

My start in art~
My love for art came from my older sister, Paula. I was inspired at an early age to draw by watching her create. I would sketch portraits in pencil to see if anyone could recognize the person in the drawing. As a young adult I moved to Virginia to study art, taking classes and experimenting with various techniques and styles when earning my degree.

My education~
I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Minor in Art and with a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling. After college, I had the great experience to be an art teacher for middle and high school students.  Later, the door opened for me to be Dean of Women at my alma mater and to invest in college women for eight years.  I love my community and have been able to work with amazing designers in my hometown to glean from their experience and grow as an artist.  Currently, I work with museum curation at my alma mater, and blessed to continue to teach children the fun of painting. (See, Kids Art Lessons).

My heart~
I am passionate about painting and use various mediums to express my ideas. I believe every good and perfect gift comes from above.  God is the creator of all and has created us for relationship.  In His presence is all peace and fulfillment.  He has given me a heart to encourage and equip kids and families with His truth in a creative way. My desire is to be open to His leading to create and use the gifts He has given me.  Through Happy Heart™, I aim to encourage and empower others to delight in God’s Word and to know how much He delights in them (Zephaniah 3:17).

Please feel free to stay a while, share your story, and visit more creative ideas to help the children in your grow in the joy of the Lord at Happy Heart Books & enjoy Inspirations for your heart too! 🙂

My Life (other bits and pieces)~
My favorite colors are green, yellow and the beauty of rusty things (all that patina makes me smile!).

I love fields of wildflowers, but daisies, lavender and lilacs are my favorites.

I usually drink one healthy homemade smoothie a day (with more and more chocolate everyday!)

Love visiting new places and traveled with friends during my single years to several countries (what great friends! What great memories!…make sure to make the memories!!).

I am an outdoor girl (mountains or shores).

I am drawn to things made out of wood, rocks and/or metal (the older the better).

I’m big into upcycling and see hope in the abandoned.

My home is my studio…and I have supplies stashed here and there!