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About Me


Michelle uses oil and acrylic paint on paper, canvas or board to capture the beauty of her surrounds. Seeking to create reminders of God’s beauty and love to evoke a childlike sense of wonder and possibility; paintings to bring joy to the viewer and touch their soul.

Her expressive works stimulate the connections between image and imagination; the color and lines in her paintings highlight the interplay of natural form and emotion. Formally trained at Liberty University in Art and Design, she uses traditional techniques to layer in blocks of color. Adding subtle shades of white to create soft, harmonious compositions, ultimately finding the precarious balance between energetic and peaceful.

Inspired by her faith, Michelle designs to create works that are both notably beautiful and will exude hope and joy in the presence of the viewer. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift or refreshing your home, a Michelle Marttila painting will fulfill the pursuit to find that showstopper piece and color your heart & home happy.

Michelle cherishes life with her family and enjoys teaching kids to have fun with paint. The desire to help children know their value and grasp God’s love for them, became the impetus for the birth of the children’s book “Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!” and the Happy Heart™ brand.

She currently works out of her studio in Bedford, VA.

Hello. I’m Michelle, and I’m an abstract painter. I studied Graphic Design and Studio Fine Art in college. I have always been attracted to the beauty of my surrounds, and in my paintings I seek to capture the dreamy elegance and simple pleasure of familiar scenes and places in life. I love texture and use layers of color to illustrate each piece. My goal is to produce work that will bring joy to the heart of the viewer in any atmosphere or setting.