Face Painting

Happy day everyone!

Kicking off the summer with a Happy Heart™ book event and face painting at the historic Sara Henry Manor. I was a little nervous to try my hand at face painting, but it turned out to be a wonderful day.Elzy BabyI did some product and design research a head of time. I found an excellent site featuring a professional face painter at Sparkling Faces.  Although, the information looks to be in German, the photos were very helpful in giving a basic understanding of how to layer the color(s). Plus, it did boost my confidence to have an idea on what designs to offer the kids.HappyHeart FPAfter, looking over the site, I realized all face paints are not created equal.  I went to several local stores to see what I would be able to purchase without having to order any special paints.

I found most of the cheaper brands to be gel-like without much pigment. The best quality for coverage was the Snazaroo paint  (available at Michael’s craft store).  It is more expensive, but most craft stores offer coupons if you find yourself in need of a little face decorating! 🙂Face colorsTo apply the paint, I used a few makeup brushes (pictured in photo above) and several small (clean) paint brushes.  If the paint is dry, just add a little water to thin it out.  I did find makeup wedges helpful to spread the color.  However, since I had to work fast with the younger kids, I applied the color with the brushes.Cutie HKThe cuteness factor was off the charts! Even, a few teenagers had fun.BatgirlHere’s a few more happy heart kids. 🙂Kitty Girl

Butterfly Teen


FP MinionOverall, it was such a great experience…I had fun and the kids did too! It is definitely something I would be glad to do again!Me & Girls

♥ Michelle


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