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Michelle Marttila

About Michelle Marttila

As a young adult Michelle Marttila moved to Virginia to study art, taking classes and experimenting with various techniques and styles when earning her degree. She gleaned further experience from working with theater set-designers and professional decorative painters. In addition to her love for art, she pursued her passion of helping others and earned a Masters in Counseling. For years, she enjoyed a variety of administrative positions that provided the opportunity to utilize her art in the field of counseling. Ultimately, this love for creating drove Michelle in the direction of using her skills to help, encourage, and inspire others through the visual arts. Michelle mostly works with heavy body acrylics to make fun and whimsy creations. These original designs have a multi-dimensional look that incorporate vibrant colors, layers and texture. Her work reflects the beauty she finds in the world around her. Opening up the door for others to find joy in the journey of life. Apart from her painting, she is involved with a team of local educators as an art instructor for children. Also, illustrating books for children of own writings and for others.

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