Happy Heart™at Vintage Lynchburg 2016

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FarmfindsI’ve been lost in show land the last couple of months.  I always think I have a lot of time to get projects done and everything on my list completed.  Then, time is gone and we are packing up the jeep to head to the event.

There are always paintings that don’t make it to the show and are left for the next go around.  I use to stress over this, but I am learning to let go and work towards finishing them for the next event.  The Lord is teaching me that he knows the timing of who will be encouraged by each piece.  Me & Kev VL2016We had fun the night before the show.  My wonderful husband, nephew (and his friend), and (my very talented friend) Kay Hall helped set up my booth.  It was after midnight before we headed home to get some sleep.  I was wide awake by 4:00 am and did not want to fall back asleep and miss waking up in time.  Therefore, I  got ready and headed back to the venue to get a few more things up before we opened.Me at VL2016It was such a blessing to meet so many wonderful people and hear their stories.  My friend, Marla, helped me all day to keep things running smoothly at the booth.  We had a great time meeting new faces and seeing familiar ones visit us again. Bic.VLVintage Lynchburg did an amazing job of decorating the Urban Arts Garage in an outdoor adventure theme with bicycles and canoes up on the top beams.

As you can see, the lighting is not very bright in the garage.  Plus, Saturday was a bit dreary to take clear pictures.  However, I wanted to give you an update on what’s been happening around here.  So I apologize for the poor quality of photos to capture this event. 🙂Psalm33-21One of my favorite verses to keep my spirit focusing on the One who fills my soul with Joy!  Psalm 33:21 was painted on a 14×18 framed board my hubby made for me.  It went to a sweet lady with four children.

Here’s another piece to help ‘light’en up life.  We were never meant to carry the weights of this world.  Only the LORD is able.  So I wanted to capture the (visual) essence of I Peter 5:7 with a traffic light…to give the viewer the “green” light to ‘let it GO’! Let It GoIt measures 26″x 14″ (canvas framed in wood). I still have it available for $40 (+ shipping, if you live outside the Lynchburg area).Tractor YAMSI painted this folk art style painting a couple years ago.  It has been in a few shows waiting for the right person to receive it.  I was so touched to hear it will be a gift to a four year old boy.  I was told his family sings “You Are My Sunshine” to him and that he loves tractors.  I love this…so grateful this will remind him how special he is! ♥HHVL2016Always a joy to share the Good News found in “Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!” with families.  I am excited that kids are learning to find Joy in Jesus Christ through through Happy Heart™ books.  I am working towards completing another book in the series.  We plan to open the new site with learning lessons/resources to go along with the book(s) soon.  Make sure to keep connected for updates.GFYDWe all need encouragement to follow the dream God places on our heart.  This hand painted one-of-a-kind (12″ circular) sign is still available for $22 (+ shipping cost, if applicable).  Please feel free to message me or look for it to be listed on Etsy soon.WalkinthewoodsI love the quote (above) by Henry David Thoreau!  It sold at the show, but look for me to make another version of it soon.Psalm 95-5Psalm 95:5 captures the peace and power of God.  It is hand painted on wood and is roughly 12″ x 24″.  I wanted the colors to have a peaceful coastal feel.  It is still available for $40 (+ shipping cost, if applicable).Flag 2016We always enjoy making flags out of pallet and/or reclaimed lumber.  Right now, I only have a medium size one left at $40 (similar to this FLAG).  Happy TeePeeThis “happy (teepee) camper” is one of my favorites.  It is an original hand painted/lettered design as well.  I am tempted to keep this one, but art is meant to be shared.  Since it did not sell at this show, I plan to get a few prints made before releasing it on Etsy.  Feel free to message me, if you are interested in purchasing it.  Just let me know you saw it on the blog and it’s yours for $45 (+ shipping cost, if applicable).  It is a 12″x 16″canvas with a painted/sealed wood frame (frame included). HappyHeartStoolsI did have a few furniture pieces I refreshed/reloved with chalk paint and then slightly distressed.  On these stools, I used Good Bones chalk paint (color: Storm) from James T. Davis Paint Center.  I decided to try it since it does not require a sealant/finish (the less steps the better!).  Overall, I loved the outcome.  It hardens with a smooth “Chalk like” look.  Though, I did need to sand it a little after it dried…to smooth out the rough areas (it is very easy to sand).  Because the weather affects drying time of paint, it is best to use it when the temperature is not too hot or dry.  This paint does dry fast, so I poured what I needed into a plastic dish and closed the lid on the can.SayCheeseI shared a cheese box makeover in a blog post from last year (see the step-by-step process, HERE).  The boxes are a great piece to paint.  I could not resist adding “Say CHEESE!” to this one.  While painting it, I thought it would add a bit of whimsy to a home.  However, I loved that photographer, Hope Stevens picked it up for her studio.  Can’t wait to see it professionally photographed!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

♥ Michelle


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