A Wintery Mix

2013-11-23 09.55.13_resized

Since we are approaching the winter season, I decided to have my 1st – 3rd grade students work on sparkling snowflakes. With a little demo on what to do with lines & shapes each set off to design their snowflakes. They first used pencil to practice and come up with their snowflake designs. Then I gave them an ultra fine black Sharpie and 140 pound mix media paper to create their snowflakes.
20131122_085525_resizedAfter the designs were drawn with the markers, the students then used blue, purple, red (pink) and green watercolor paint to create the base color of their snowflakes. We first did a wet on wet wash (making a round puddle of water then adding the color to it). The students did this to every snowflake design and then we let it completely dry.

When the paper was dry, the students then added extra color to each of the various shapes they made in the snowflake designs.

The last step was to add some glitter to the snowflakes. We used some water down glue and the students added it to the snowflake parts of their choice.20131115_103544_resized

Love the shimmer!