Shimmery Snowmen Ornaments

My Snowman

20131122_144722_resizedThick primed canvas
White, black & orange acrylic paint
White glitter
Hole punch
(White glue-thin with water)

During our last class of the season for my 1st – 3rd grade students made shimmery snowmen.  I sketched a simple snowman shape on cardboard and cut it out…and used as my template to make more.
2013-11-30 17.57.37_resized
I traced around it on pre-primed canvas. Since we would not have much class time (only about 20 minutes) for the students to make a snowman, I cut out the snowman shape for them prior to class. I used my punch to make a hole in the hat section of the snowman for the string. I showed the class how to thread the string and then they were given the time to assemble the string to the snowman (most of the students did need help tying the ends of the string).
2013-11-30 17.58.44_resized
Since the canvas was pre-primed in white (and I had 30 small children in class),  the kids added the hat, eyes, mouth and buttons in black acrylic paint. They added the carrot nose with the orange paint.
In order to add the glitter, we painted around the black parts and sprinkled the glitter on it while it was wet.

NOTE: If you have more time to work on this project, add a layer of white acrylic paint to the primed canvas first (let dry) before adding the features with the black and orange paint. Let everything dry and then add a thin layer of glue (or varnish) and add glitter on top of that layer.

How fun the individuality of them all!3 snowmen

2013-12-01 13.21.28_resizedIf you do not have a thicker grade canvas available, felt is a perfect fit for making a snowman. Beads, buttons, brads, etc can be used for the eyes and buttons. I had some (button looking) brads on hand. Punch the brads through the felt and then adhere snowman with glue to thin cardboard (the back of an old tablet works great!) to make it sturdier. Cut the snowman out and hang it on a tree or attached to a gift.

♥ Michelle

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