Repurposing An Old Shutter

shutters7Yes, I finally got my email link fixed. I apologize for the delay. I love to create, but I am no Techy! This is very evident…since I am the one that must have disconnected it. I am not sure what I pressed in the inner sanctum of the network world, but I will have to keep my WordPress exploring to a minimum!!! Thank you for your patience as the situation was being resolved…I am grateful for your support! Thanks to Rose Bowen with Global Exposures for setting things back in order.

In case you missed viewing any posts, I have attached the links for the ones that did not get sent to the end of this tutorial. Hope they add a little cheer to your day!:)

Lately, I have been concentrating on items for Vintage Lynchburg’s Spring Market scheduled for April 25th. The weather has been beautiful so I am taking advantage of warmer days to work outside in the sunshine. Can you tell how much I am loving it!

I am repurposing this shutter to be used as a display for some driftwood art pieces I am working on. They will have encouraging text/scripture verses on them (I’ll share more on that as I get them completed).


Small Shutter (Folding) Door
CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint (Maine Harbor, Emerald Isle and Vintage White)
Paint Brushes
Clear Wax (to protect the paint).

Shutters 4I found an old shutter (in my basement–picked it up from an estate sale last summer) that is perfect to use for my display (with some paint love added to it).

Since chalk paint has that soft (velvety) tone to it when dried, I decided to use it. I purchased some of CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint in Maine Harbor, Emerald Isle and Vintage White on sale at a local shop. I love using it and it is so fun to paint with! However, even on sale, it is a pricey paint. To help get more “bang for my buck,” I add a little water to the paint to thin it out. Plus, chalk paint tends to be thick and dries rather quickly, so adding the water helps it spread out more evenly (and cover more territory) before drying.

I have found some homemade chalk paint recipes that I will be experimenting with when my supplies run out (I’ll keep you informed on that). You can get the details for them at Salvaged Inspirations.

Shutters5I gave my shutter a base coat of Maine Harbor (you can see the thickness even after being watered down).

Shutters10Added a few strokes of color in Emerald Isle.

Shutters9Then, with a dry brush technique (very little paint on the brush), I painted the entire shutter with Vintage White to give it a distressed look. As you can see from the photos, the brushes I use are frayed and are very inexpensive. They are perfect for trying to achieve a distressed (weathered) look. I get them at home improvement stores (Lowes, Harbor Freight or Home Depot).

Shutters1Sandpaper can be used to distress it some more after it dries. However, for my purpose, I just left it as is.

To give the shutter a protective coat, I used CeCe Caldwell’s Clear Wax (I brushed the wax onto the entire piece with a clean brush and then wiped off the excess with a soft cloth).

Shutters3What do you think? Makes me want to head to the beach!

♥ Michelle

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