Pablo Picasso HeART Lesson

Watercolor Paper
Black Fine Point Sharpie
Watercolor Paints
Soft Brushes
Tablecloth or Placemat

Our art lesson on Pablo Picasso began just before Valentine’s Day.

I gave the class (K – 3rd grade) a quick overview on Picasso’s background. Mostly, we talked about where he was from (we located Spain on a world map) and his abstract style of art (co-creator of Cubism).

After going over Cubism (and looking at several paintings of his), I explained to the children that Picasso simplified objects into shapes and spheres from several advantage points.PicassoL7We discussed our heart project and I demonstrated to them how to draw angles by using a ruler and for them to also incorporate a few of the shapes we noticed in Picasso’s paintings (spiral, circles, eye, curved line, etc.).Picasso LessonI wrote, “Every child is an artist.” on a white board so each of them would be able to write it on their paper (some of the younger kids needed help with this).

The students practiced making their design on an 8.5 x11 sheet of copy paper first and then penciled in their design on 11×14 watercolor paper.
We used a black fine point sharpie to go over the pencil (this can be done before or after painting it…and the paint is completely dry).PicassoL1

We touched on color balance before the children began painting (with this age, I explain that if a color is on the left side of their design, they balance out the color by also placing it on the right, top-bottom…).
I love these little artist!!!

♥ Michelle

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