Think “Bee” Positive

This fun and vibrant “Think Positive” sign was custom made for my sister-n-law. She gave me the concept of what she wanted it to say and then I went to work to make it just right for her.BPos

Since she is going to place it in her office, I used colors to keep her refreshed as she tackles daily responsibilities and speaks with clients.Bpos2

I started with a natural wood cabinet door that I picked up on sale at my local ReStore (natural door view, here). I painted it with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint.

When it was dry (does not take long), I lightly hand sanded it and then transferred the sentiment (fonts printed from computer) with Easy Graphite Transfer Paper (the technique tutorial).

Bpos3Again, I used chalk paint to fill in the letters. I let that dry and sanded the words very lightly with fine grit sandpaper.

Bpos4Bumblebees are one of God’s miracles and defy the odds in being able to fly (A Lesson From A Bumblebee). Therefore, what would be more fitting than a little “Bee Positive” charm of a bumblebee graphic (to “Be” a reminder, “Nothing is impossible for God” – Luke 1:37).

I copied my bumblebee design onto tracing paper so I would get a better visual in placing it onto the center of the board.  Then, after using the graphite paper to transfer it to the board, I painted it with the chalk paint and lightly sanded it to give it a smoother surface.BPos1

I added gold leaf around the edges to give it a little glam and used CeCe Caldwell’s Clear Wax to finish and seal in all the beauty.Bpos6

Bpos5Love the color vibe that speaks positivity! May this encourage your heart as well to “Be” open to your possibilities…God is able to make a way!Bpos7

♥ Michelle

Michelle Marttila

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