Art Class – Turtle Creations (Day 4: finishing touches)

2014-03-28 14.18.27_resized
Today in art class the students added finishing touches to their Reptile/Turtle Creations (This was a 2 hour project with 20 students: Four classes, 50 minutes in length).

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Day 3

The students finished cutting and adding details to their scene that they began working on in the last class (see, Art Class-Turtle Creations (Day 3).
2014-03-28 14.29.40_resized

2014-03-28 14.28.32_resized

After making sure all the pieces were securely glued down, I demonstrated to the class on how to cover their entire canvas with mod podge. We talked about how it will look milky when applied, but will dry clear. In addition, I let them know that they could use it to glue any loose pieces back down by applying the mod lodge under their pieces.

The students did a beautiful job in applying a thin layer over the design.

I explained that parts of their paper may get air pockets and showed them how to carefully get them out by gently pressing them down.

The finished turtles look amazing…from the paper patterns they designed to the cutting and placement on the canvas. So proud of these 5 – 8 year old students!
2014-03-28 14.22.28_resized
2014-03-28 14.35.18_resized
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