Traffic Light – Scripture Art

“God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.”

Working on projects for the Vintage Lynchburg Spring Market 2016.  Last year, I made this I Peter 5:7 three panel sign with the popular phrase, “Let It Go.”LIGI decided to make another one for the Spring Market  in April.  This time, I painted it in the form of a traffic light.TL on CarI wanted to make it out of wood (and will do it sometime soon), but I had a 12″x 24″ canvas on hand and could not wait to get started.

I coated it with black acrylic paint and then added a few shades of yellow until I landed on a tone I liked (the shade below was way too bright).20160221_121614An old Tupperware lid was the perfect size for creating the circles to represent the lights.TLTupAfter painting the circles red, yellow and green, I freehanded the verse in pencil.TLHimI went over it with black acrylic paint.TLWordsSince pencil lines erase, I did not worry about being exact when painting over them.  Plus, I planned on sanding the words with fine grit sandpaper to give them a faded look. TL VerseI painted the “Let” “It” “Go” and added a brighter green to the “Go” (hint-hint…you got the green light to cast your cares on Jesus!!!) 🙂TLDoneWhat do you think?  Here’s to a lighter load!!!

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