“The Art of Camping”

My husband loves to camp and unwind in the great outdoors. I would enjoying a little more “glamping” style then sleeping in a tent on the ground. However, I am learning to be a happy camper.

Over the years I have incorporated a few organizing tips to make it easier and a lot more fun. Plus, I have to admit, I love the beauty of the outdoors and I find my heart is enriched by the simplicity of living.

One of my favorite storage items to keep small necessities corralled are the Altoids cans. They are great and help me to know where things are located.
It is perfect for first aid supplies:

Love keeping tools and materials in one for those just incase moments:

It’s great for protecting matches, a mini flashlight and candle (always need some candlelight!).
2014-05-20 18.46.33_resized

Another great case for storage are old lipstick cases (just pull out the center tube with pliers). It is a perfect match 😀 for this item (to light the match, glue a small piece of sandpaper to the end of the case):
2014-05-20 12.00.34_resized

Or use the case to make it easy to find your sewing kit:
2014-05-20 12.06.16_resized

Add a little flavor to your cookout with keeping your favorite spices on hand in Tic Tac containers.
2014-05-20 12.37.28_resized

A great memory I have from my camping days at Triple R Ranch is the use of a large metal coffee can to cook stew in over the fire (make sure to use an ALL metal can without a plastic coating inside it).
2014-05-20 14.40.05_resized

Be sure to keep your table setting anchored by using string and rocks.
2014-05-20 14.58.50_resized

Use a sterile/clean contact case to house medication/aspirin.

To keep TP dry in an outhouse or at your campsite, use a coffee container.
2014-05-20 12.01.47_resized

Always carry along something fun…I love this travel watercolor set my husband bought me. It is just the right size for when inspiration hits!

Feel free to share any camping ideas that have been helpful to you. I welcome anything that will make the trip go smooth.

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