Sign Making 101

On the campus of Liberty University, next to the Welcome Center and the Montview Mansion, sits the National Civil War Chaplains Museum. It is the only exhibit available that honors those who served as chaplains during the Civil War 1861-1865.

I love making things by hand and jumped at the chance to paint a sign for this historic museum.

The mahogony wood structure for the sign was made by the Liberty University Cabinet Shop.

Then words for the sign were printed from a laser printer and taped (with blue painters tape )to the boards.
I placed transfer paper faced down under the printed words and (temporarily) secured it with the tape to keep the words from shifting.

With a pencil, I traced around the letters.
Once the words were traced onto the wood, I removed all the papers (save the transfer paper because it can be used more than once…I use it over and over and over…).

Choose the paint color that best suits your project. We wanted a park style sign for the museum, so we chose gold to compliment the mahogany wood.
Red under gold helps give the gold a better look. Typically, I would use a brighter red under gold. However, the maroon color worked for this type of park/ranger sign.

I painted all the letters maroon red and then painted over the maroon with gold.
A thin coat of outside varnish was added to the sign and then it was ready for use.
Love how it looks against the 1923 stone building (was the caretaker’s cottage for the Carter Glass/Montview Mansion).

Make plans to visit and learn more about generous hearts that gave of themselves that others may be comforted and encouraged during time of war.

Open to the public. A Grand Opening Celebration is set for August 9, 2014.

Enjoy the happy made in your life!