Say Ya To Da U.P. Eh!

Love in SandMichigan’s Upper Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places on earth (well, at least in my opinion).  We have been off the grid for a while enjoying God’s creation. 🙂

I never grow tired of the U.P.–so glad my husband’s side of the family lives there!Kev & Me

Enjoying a Pasty along the way.Pasty

It is a L-O-N-G drive, but once you arrive, the breathtaking scenery calms & soothes the soul.Coast Flowers

It’s days of combing the shore and exploring trails.Me Copper HarborOne of my favorite spots is Copper Harbor.  A quiet and scenic community with art shops and local attractions.  Put away the cell phones (no service)…unless you are capturing a moment in time.Light House

Eating breakfast at Jamsen’s Bakery and enjoying this place never grows old.  On my first trip here, we actually canoed through the distant opening in the reef (did I mention this is Lake Superior!!!).  I was petrified, but every time I see this view, I smile that I actually did it! 🙂Dock at CH

Awe…driftwood love!

Misery Bay DWLook at these gems!Beach Gems

Spent time with family…cousin Nikki had the coolest garden!  What a great idea to us an old ladder to hang plants.Nikki's Garden

Always room for baked goods from the Jampot.Muffin JP

Lake Superior was still a bit “chilly” so I was safe from any request to dive in on this trip.  However, it’s always a must for my adventurous husband…as he waves to me from this island (keeping in constant prayer!!!).Kevin on Island

At least there are “No Sharks, No Salt & No Worries” as the locals say.  However, the mosquito’s are plenty so we invested in handheld electric bug zappers (hundreds in stock at the U.P. Walmart).  We survived with less bites and a bit of laughter as we zapped the varmints away! 🙂

Cottage-FlagNo lack of lakes in Michigan as we have fun at a family cottage.Kids and CanoeNephews and niece are full of energy and fearlessness!Lake View

Awe…hope you feel refreshed too!

If you would like to see more snapshots of life in the U.P.,  follow my “Yooper Life” on Pinterest.

God Bless,
♥ Michelle

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