Possibilities, Paint, and Personal Touches

I love finding and making pieces that are unique, fun, and personal. It’s thrilling to transform things (just about anything) into something new and give it a second chance.  One easy and affordable way to do this is to give old items a new twist with paint.

Right now, I am working on several projects at the same time.  Pieces are in various stages of being sanded, primed, painted, and so on.  The possibilities are endless with design and paint options. This is where I can get stuck and leave projects sit for a while…a long time.

However, I am learning to just go for it when it comes to deciding on an idea and paint medium to personalize pieces.  After all, it’s just paint…and things can be repainted, and repainted, and repainted!!! 🙂

Here’s a look at this week’s finished projects and “nearly” completed pieces being transformed with paint.

Large wood slice given to me from my brother-n-law.
Whimsy Pumpkin The shape was pumpkin perfect…so I added orange acrylic paint and attached simple details for a bit of whimsy.
Pumkin Supplies

While browsing all the fun finds at my local Goodwill, I spotted this.
Happy FrameI walked away from it, but was drawn back to take another glance at the metal frame…and explore a new direction with it.

Explore CSome things have to go through an ugly stage before their loveliness is revealed. We’re obviously at the ugly stage with my first coat of milk paint on this end table! 🙂

Things are looking very merry around here with the creating of Christmas ornaments/decor.  There are not enough hours in the day to make handmade fun festive cheer, if I wait any longer.  I think next year, I’ll start in May. 🙂
Cute little snowman.20151016_115759Tree ornaments taking shape (look for some giveaways soon!).Wooden Trees In between sanding, ornament making, and weaving twine around a metal frame, I had the opportunity to paint (a bathroom) a faux marble finish for a local business.
Marble Room

Do you have any favorite handmade ornaments or memories of making some?  I would love to hear about it…feel free to share!

Happy painting,

♥ Michelle


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