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Well, I caught the cold bug, perhaps bronchitis, and I am trying to rid my body of it the good old fashion way…that is to say without antibiotics. For now, drinking A LOT of, what my friends I like to call, “Miracle Tea” (a blend of assorted teas and essential oils). So, if anyone has any old fashion cures, I am all in!!!

Of course homemade muffins are a happy cure in my book!!! 🙂

Speaking of old fashion, I love this simple and fun idea that I came across this week while decorating for the National Civil War Chaplains Museum’s Christmas Open House (Thursday, December 4th from 10am-4pm). These awesome fruit ornaments were made by my friend Paula.


The oranges look like stained glass in front of the lights. Such a beautiful sight hung throughout the tree along with apples, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, leaves and walnuts.

Today, we would call that frugal. However, I am sure using food they counted on for nourishment to make decorations was probably a great sacrifice 100+ years ago.

They could not just run out to the local craft store to buy decorations, so they had to make them. I am sure they cherished every ornament they made and kept them for years. Here’s how to make your own fruit ornaments.

The ones we used to decorate the tree were made two years ago. They were not varnished. However, if you want to do so, use clear craft varnish or decoupage to lightly cover the dried fruit on both sides (let each side dry before coating the other side). Also, instead of poking a hole in the fruit, just attach the string/ribbon with a glue gun.

Another simple ornament to make with your family or loved ones, is this snowman made out of canvas and material. I made a simpler version with my art class last year and the kids enjoyed making their own ornament for their Christmas tree. This is how it is done!

I am so loving this time of year to create and decorate. It is truly a release I need in my life that adds peace and excitement to my spirit at the same time. Peace because it calms my soul and exciting because I enjoy making things. I just love when an idea goes from just thoughts – to paper – to actually a reality to behold!

This how I felt when I made these ornaments for the giveaway. With a little paint and materials that normally would have been trashed, something bright and cheerful was created.

I am thrilled to give a SNOWMAN and SANTA set to:
Lynchburg, VA

Congratulations Angela…may these whimsy ornaments always add Christmas cheer to your home and heart!
Santa & Snowman

More weekly inspirations to come…

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