Organizing Caddy: You “Can” DIY

2014-06-08 17.01.11_resized
I found this old drink caddy, you guessed it, at a yard sale and I knew I wanted to use it to organize supplies: picnic, art, or anything else that needed a home.

After searching for (cheap) glasses to fit it and coming up empty handed, I ended up popping can goods into the slots and found a perfect fit.

The only thing, the cans needed a little sprucing up! I gathered up supplies to do the job and began the make over.

2014-06-16 10.08.03_resized
Drink Caddy
Empty (& clean) cans (lids removed with a Pampered Chef can opener – No Sharp Edges!)
Spray paint
Twine (or yarn will do)
Scrap Material
Old keys (embellishments)
Glue (fabric, tacky or elmer’s)

Heading outside for their new coats!

Spray paint is awesome to use for a quick fix. This White Blosom I bought during a clearance at AC Moore gives great coverage on metal and I love the creamy matte tone of it. It’s a-maz-ing what a coat of paint will do!

Next, I took some jute twine and tied it around one of the metal cans.
I wrapped it around the can 4 times and then tied it in a knot.

I used a some jute string to secure an old key (a rummage sale find) to the can. I repeated this process using two more cans and keys.

I love it! Simple and charming!
2014-06-16 10.44.37_resized

The other three, I made little pennant strings and tied them around the cans.

I measured how long my pennants strings needed to be by wrapping the jute string around the can and then tied a knot where the two ends would meet.
2014-06-16 14.48.43_resized

I cut a small triangle shape from a manilla folder and used that as my guide to cut the pennant/flag out of the material. I placed the flat edge against the fold and then cut out my flag shape.
At first, I started cutting them out one by one, but then I got smart 🙂 and folded my material so I could cut out three pennants shapes at once.

I laid the pennant/flag cutouts along my string to see how many it would take. With this size, I was able to get eight on each string.
2014-06-18 07.31.32_resized

I added a small amount of tacky glue on the material and spread that out to evenly coat the material. I placed the center (at the fold) over my jute string and matched up the two points and then pressed the two sides to secure them together.


I continued to attach each flag to the string in the same fashion until I reached the other knot.
2014-06-16 21.00.21_resized
2014-06-16 15.53.38_resized

Then, I tied the pennant strings on each can and instant success. A sweet decorative home for supplies.
2014-06-18 07.25.47_resized

Loving the combination of the two designs!
2014-06-18 07.18.18_resized

Picnic perfect!
2014-06-17 09.13.37_resized

An art caddy must! 🙂

I hope this sparks some ideas to brighten your home and add a little happy to your day! 🙂

Happy art is good medicine!