Mixed Media Fall Scarecrow

scarecrow 9
I say it over and over, but I just love kids art!!!

Besides loving their artwork, I love their smiles when they see what they can create!
scarecrow 8

I love seeing how their precious little minds work in trying to figure out combining elements of shape to create, in this case, a scarecrow!

What a joy it is to work with them and let them loose to combine shapes, put pen and crayon on paper, and then glide watercolors across the image and see the magic happen!

When I showed my class, consisting of 4 – 8 year olds, that we were going to be making a scarecrow scene, they said, “we can’t draw scarecrows!”.

Then, I began to draw a circle on the board and asked them to tell me what it was. Of course they all yelled out, “a circle”.

And I asked them if they knew how to draw a circle and they said, “Yes’.

I continued discussing and showing them other shapes that would be used to create the scarecrow picture.

The shapes included a square, dot, rectangle, triangle, line and angle.

We practiced making each shape and then I told them these are all the shapes we need to make our scarecrow.

I gave each child a sheet of mixed media paper (smoother than watercolor paper to get better coverage with crayons, but thick enough to hold the water that would be applied during the painting process).

I drew each shape on the board while they drew it on their paper.

Students were able to outline their scarecrow in black marker first or skip the marker part and just use crayon to outline their scarecrow scene.

I briefly discussed the term, resist, and that crayons are made of wax and wax will protect the paper from absorbing the watercolor.

After the students outlined the scarecrow and pumpkin shapes with crayons, they began to paint the rest of the scene with watercolor paint.

Here are a few of the completed masterpieces from these young artist.

scarecrow 4

scarecrow 10

scarecrow 11

So fun a Gypsy Scarecrow! 🙂
scarecrow 5

scarecrow 12

Argh, a Pirate Scarecrow! 🙂
Scarecrow 2

Scarecrow 1
Did you see the ghost in the picture above??? 😀

Adorable! May these put a smile in your heart too! 🙂

This is a great idea to use to create scenes for any season. Check out this Mixed Media Spring Flowers for another subject matter.

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