Live Beautifully!

While reading the January 6th devotional in Our Daily Bread, the words “Live Beautifully” came to my mind.

It moved my heart to reflect on how I live my life.  Would I respond with such kindness as Miles Davis did in this reading?

Micah 6: 8 (ESV) gives us some insight and encouragement with this:

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

I realize that I (we) do not need to worry if we are doing life right.  I believe the key to this is in the “He has told you” and in the “walking humbly with your God.”

As we spend time with the Lord (get to know HIM), the ONE who knows how to “live beautifully,” we will be His reflection to those around us.

This piece serves as a reminder to stay close to the ONE who turns mistakes into miracles and creates beauty from ashes.

Only then, can we “LIVE Beautifully!”



The HOW-TO-Technique(s):

I took a plain board (cabinet door).Natural Door

Added CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk PaintRustic-glam aqua
Rustic-glam Basecoat

After I figured out my lettering, I transferred it onto the board with transfer paper.Rustic-glam-letters

Wanted to add some extra beauty to this one, so I used gold leaf.  I got bits and pieces of it all over my table (and the floor), so be aware it’s messy!!! 🙂

I applied an adhesive for the gold leaf to stick to (let it dry until it is tacky: 10-15 minutes).  I love this type of brush for giving a more distressed look (available at home repair stores).R-g Brush

I pressed the gold leaf down with my fingers and then used a brown bag to scrape off the excess (NOTE: it will only adhere to where the brush strokes were applied).20150209_124732_resized
R-g Brownbag

Use sandpaper too.
R-g Sand

Finished smoothing/cleaning the gold leaf with a soft cloth (to get any dust off of it).RG-Soft

For more details on applying Gold Leaf, visit Paint+Pattern.
R-g Finished
LIVE Beautifully! – I love the rustic-glam look!  A reminder of how the Lord restores and shines his beauty and grace on us!

Live beautifully,
♥ Michelle

Michelle Marttila

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