It’s TIME for a Clock Makeover (Tutorial) 🖌

It’s been a while since I shared a do-it-yourself project.  I have been wanting to makeover this old clock that I purchased at a yard sale for a $1.00.  The original fruit print was not appealing and it had a thick shellac finish over it.  However, it was solid wood so I thought I would paint over the image and make it into a sign regarding ‘time.”  I could not find my original photograph of the fruit clock to give you a ‘before’ shot of it (I searched through thousands I had on file, but did not come across it).  So, I’m sharing this other 1980’s clock instead to give you an idea of the shellac business it had going on (mine did not have the metal corners, but you can see the sheen from the shellac around the numbers). 🙂

Update 6-19-17: I Found It…See the Before Clock HERE!

I had pale grey milk paint left over from painting a table.  I used it to cover the entire clock (not the hands though).  Since it had the smooth shellac covering, I sanded it all over with 80-grit sandpaper before adding the grey paint (in order to give it some tooth for the paint to adhere/grip).  Also, I added bonding agent to the milk paint to make sure the paint would definitely stick to the shellac surface without peeling off (Note: Gesso is also a great bonding agent and can be bought at most craft stores).  Other than the gesso, I used the supplies (below) I had on hand to makeover the clock.When I painted it grey, I was not sure what sentiment/design I wanted to paint on it.Different ideas concerning ‘time’ popped in my head.  Things like: Cherish every moment, No time like the present!, I’ll love you forever, One day at a time, and some other quotes about time.  Recently, I heard “every hour I need thee” and I knew it was what I wanted on my clock. 💞

I’m always curious to find out where quotes and lyrics originated.  The hymn’s author, Annie Hawks, wrote the words to this timeless hymn at the age of 24 in 1872.  She was a housewife in New York with a passion to write poetry.  She said, “I remember well the circumstances under which I wrote the hymn. It was a bright June day, and I became so filled with the sense of the nearness of my Master that I began to wonder how anyone could live without Him, in either joy or pain. Suddenly, the words I need Thee every hour, flashed into my mind, and very quickly the thought had full possession of me.” Her pastor was the hymn writer, Robert Lowry.  He recognized her talent to write and put her words to music.

After reading about Annie, I could not wait to add this hymn to my clock, I painted the entire surface with liquid black acrylic craft paint and let it dry.Then, on a sheet of paper the same size of my clock, I practiced sketching my design.  Once I had the layout of my design, I transferred it onto the clock using white transfer paper.

I used white acrylic paint to make my letters.Before painting a second layer of white over my words, I painted in the red heart.  After the red heart was dry, I sanded it a bit before using chalk to write the word ‘Thee’.  Then, I went over my words with a second layer of white paint.When everything was dry, I used a fine 150-grit sandpaper to gently sand the entire piece to give it a more time worn look.

The last thing I did was paint the hands of the clock (this can be done first, but I wanted to see the finished colors of my sign before selecting the color of the hands).

I used scrap paper and tape from a previous project to protect my surface from the spray paint. ♻️The peacock blue spray paint was a perfect color compliment to the piece (Note:  The primer/paint was purchased at Ollie’s for just a $1.99…“good stuff cheap”).You’ll have to trust me, the ‘after’ version of the clock (now, wall art) is much better than the fruit print.
Well…what do you think of my clock makeover?  It was a fun DIY project for me to make this piece into something that reminds me (us) that the One who is timeless and eternal is still present with each of us every moment of the day. Every Hour I Need Thee.   I can’t wait to paint a few more clocks.  I would love to see any you makeover!

🕰  Thank you for stopping by today!

“He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 

♥ Michelle

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