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What inspired you to write a children’s book?

I did not grow up in a Christian home and it was through neighborhood friends that I came to know the reason why Jesus Christ hung on a cross.  It was in learning more of God’s Word (truth) that I found freedom from the hurts and wounds I experienced in life.  I did not have the opportunity to know Jesus from an early age.  Therefore, I am passionate about children having this opportunity to learn more about God’s love through Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!.  You can find more regarding the inspiration behind Happy Heart at My Story.

What age group is the book geared towards?

Although, I think the kid in all of us can enjoy Happy’s story, it is written for children, ages 2 – 8.

How do I get a copy of your children’s book, Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!?

Happy Heart is available in my shop and at the following locations:cropped-Happy-Heart-Cover.jpg“Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!” is available in hardback at the following locations.

Online SHOP: So thrilled to have the children’s book, Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!, to encourage, empower and equip kids ages 2 – 8, to know their value and worth in Jesus Christ.

Mom’s Choice Awards  Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! received the Gold Choice Award 2014!!!  The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for children and families. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

The Little Gallery  On Smith Mountain Lake features more than 200 internationally, nationally and locally known artists. So excited to have paintings and Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! available for families at this gallery!

Givens Books and Little Dickens  favorite BOOK SHOPS.  Family run and serving the greater Lynchburg area with educational needs for over three decades.

BLOOM by Doyle’s  Family owned and operated and committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts.  I am so glad to have this shop share Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! with their patrons.  It is a perfect combination!  To send a child a book along with an arrangement, please connect through the shop link.

AMAZON  Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! is out of stock at Amazon.  It is NOW AVAILABLE through Happy Heart™ LLC, HERE:  Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! 

Happy Heart™ ONLINE  Happy Heart™ Books and other inspirational products from Happy Heart Made Studio.

Did you Create your own website?

I keep up with the day to day work on the site and write my own blogs regarding projects and writing.  Most of the photography is my own work.  However, the following FRIENDS/SERVICES have helped with programming, photography, layout and/or design in the creative process.

Rose Bowen at Global Exposures
Thanks to Rose for her expert advice on website building and all the important key coding for me to be able to record my ideas and blog inspirations! Please contact Rose for more information on Professional Websites Affordably Priced.

Austin King Photography
In 2017 I hired professional photographer, Austin King, to take photographs for Happy Heart™Books.  He is a former student of mine and doing the most amazing photography work in our area.  I am so thankful for his creativity and “eye” to capture the sweetest photos of my children’s book and artwork for you all.  Click on his name above and see more beautiful snapshots of his work!

Tetra Graphics, Inc.
I love the digital photography work I received from Lloyd at Tetra Graphics for my fine art paintings!

CLARKE Print/Web/Tablet
CLARKE helped in the laying out the book pages to get it ready for publishing.  So excited to present Happy Heart:Fill’er Up! to help kids know they are loved by Jesus Christ.

Hold up. You have a degree in Counseling?

You heard right!  I have a Master’s in Counseling and counseled in the college setting for 10 years before turning in my pen for a paintbrush.  My day job is museum curation and I paint or write by night.  Once a month, I work with kids to teach them basic art skills to help cultivate their love for the arts.  It is so rewarding!  I’ve loved working with children ever since a friend asked me to fill in teaching 1st – 3rd grade art at a local homeschool co-op in 2007.

Can I post your DIY tutorial on my blog?

Sure! But I ask that you refrain from posting any content in it’s entirety. Feel free to use an image from a blog post and provide a link so that your readers can come on over to Happy Heart™ for the full tutorial.

Wait, you didn’t answer my question!

Still have a question? Send an email to me at happy{at}michellemarttila{dot}com and I’ll do my best to get back to you in within 24 hours! You may even see your question pop up right here on the FAQ page.

Happy Heart Trademark
Happy Heart™ is a registered trademark for children’s books/products/art.  © All rights reserved.  Art © Michelle Marttila, Happy Heart™ LLC.