How To Make A Snow Globe

I love anything handmade.  Snow globes are a favorite of mine around Christmas time…just something magical about them.  They are perfect under a tree, for centerpiece/table displays, and to add a whimsy touch to a child’s room (any room!).

Plus, they are soooooooooooo easy to make (with or without water). 

I used an old jar (I kept from my wedding) and added a tree decoration, snow glitter and ribbon.20141215_193158_resized

Within minutes, it’s winter charm in a jar!


Love this little truck I found. It is perfect for tree transporting. 🙂
Christmas Truck

The possibilities are endless.  Any size jar will work…love this snow-bound car in a spice jar.Car Jar

Two Globes

Bird Jar

Snow Globe

Embellish outside of the lid with paint, ribbon or yarn (optional).
Glue (I used 6000 glue) a figure (tree, deer, nativity, sleigh, etc) to the inside of the lid and let dry).
Use distilled water and fill to the top of the jar (to help avoid air pockets when you turn it upside down).
Add a few drops of glycerine (to give the glitter the snow falling feel).
Add a dash of white, iridescent and/or silver glitter.                            Place lid (with glued figure) tightly on the jar.
Turn upside down and shake…and enjoy the magic! 🙂Tree Globe

Ok, grab a jar and make your own!  I would love to see them…please feel free to share/post (or email me at and I will add it to my next post).

Blessings to all of you!
Michelle ♥

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