Concrete Candle Holders

2014-06-03 10.46.32_resized
Hmmm…what a great container to use as a mold!!! Every time I had an empty water jug, I thought I have to one day use it as a mold to make a candle/votive holder.

I gathered up supplies.

Well, after a week of preparation and drying time, I was ready for the reveal to see if this idea would be trashed or treasured!?!?

However, before I get ahead of myself, I’ll take you through the the process.

I first cut the empty containers in half so it would be easier to pour the cement in them (just after the indent to hold it–see photos below).

My wonderful husband, “the Yooper” (officially now added to the online dictionary), volunteered to mix the concrete for me.

As he mixed, I prepared the containers by first spraying them with a non-stick spray (not sure if this is needed…I ended up spraying them all so next time I will skip this step and see).

I added a little sand, shells and agates to a few of the molds to see what it would look like with some embellishment.
2014-05-27 11.42.48_resized

The Yooper helped hold the bucket as I scooped the concrete into the containers. He said the longer it dries in the mold the better. After we filled each container to just below the indent, I placed them uncovered inside my home to dry for a week.
Cement Molds

Finally, the reveal!
Since the container has ridges, I had to peel off the plastic. I used a knife and cut down to concrete level and then peeled off the rest and lifted the mold off of it. It came off easily…just be careful not to cut yourself on the torn plastic edges! 🙂
Cement - Reveal

YEAH-it came out in one piece!!! I quickly grabbed a candle to see what it would look like in it.
2014-05-31 18.12.21_resized-1

I love elements of nature so I added items to the concrete holders to set the mood. The beach is on my mind, so most have a coastal feel.
Cement Mold View

With shells, instant coastal glam!
2014-06-03 10.58.54_resized

A glass votive holder and agates gives perfect light to a beach adventure!
Cement-At the Beach

A centerpiece for a picnic lunch.
Cement - Picnic Holder

With a couple of metal lamp shades, I added simple country charm to my table setting.

This display will “shorely” add summer fun to your next cookout!
Cement - Beach Table
No embellishments were added to the molds (holders above) and it leaves a smooth surface.

They look beautiful grouped together! This is on an old picnic table. However, I can envision how awesome they would look on a dock at the lake, along a sidewalk or patio deck.
Cement Votive Display

The Yooper is game for some more mixing, so we will be making more. Looking forward to painting some, seeing what they look like with holding flowers and other decorative items. Keep connected on Pinterest for updated versions.

Let me know if you give it a try….feel free to share with me on Facebook.

You can make it,

“A happy heart is good medicine” Proverbs 17:22