Chalk It Up!

My Backup! Originally, I had another post in mind for today, but glad to “chalk it up” to a perfect delay and post it next week.

Chalk boards are so fun to make and this idea is as simple as they come. Slate is God’s natural chalk board. So easy to use plain or add a few details to the slate and you have instant success!

Slate (find at yard sales or slate tile at a home improvement store)
String, twine or leather cording
2014-05-27 11.57.55_resized_1
2014-05-27 11.56.12_resized

Slate repurposed from a home will have holes in it. I took some jute twine and tied it in the back of the slate.
2014-05-27 12.04.42_resized_1

I wrapped the twine around the slate until I covered the holes and made an even decorative trim to the slate. Secure in the back by tying it to your first knot.

After that, your imagination has reign!
Let your family know what’s cooking for dinner…
As a little reminder…
2014-05-27 13.39.50_resized

Make a sign to welcome guest…
I used natural jute cord and quadrupled it for strength and thickness (to be able to secure a knot in it after threading it through the holes).
2014-05-27 14.16.18_resized

Added a pouch made out of burlap to hold the chalk and tied it on with the jute cord.

I love elements of nature in a home and hope this sparks some ideas for yours! Feel free to share, post, and spread the fun!

Making brighter days,

“A happy heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22