CD/DVD Valentine’s Creations (Upcycle Inspiration)

I had a box of CDs/DVDs that I rescued from the trash bin after a church event (I just could not let them be discarded…a great material that I knew was made for something more and would come in craft-handy one day!!!). 🙂

Inspiration hit me as I was thinking about DIY craft ideas for Valentine’s Day!

WHAT YOU NEED:  Unused or Old CDs/DVDs, Sandpaper, Paints (spray paint works best for CDs/DVDs), Embellishments of your choice (ribbon too), Glue and a Hole punch (or drill).

Okay, I tried several types of paint (Chalkboard Paint (spray & by hand), Acrylic paint, and Spray paint) when covering the CDs/DVDs.  The one with the best coverage and held up without priming first was the spray paint I used, American Accents by Rust-oleum.

Scratchy CdsUsed a heavy grit sandpaper to prepare the surface to grip the paint better.

CDs-PaintedThree CDs after the paint was applied (the one on the left was hand painted with chalkboard paint and flaked when I tried to write on it (NOTE: In hand painting the CDs/DVDs, I would recommend priming them first with a water based all-purpose sealer before adding paint).


CD-INKAdhered scrapbook paper to a wooden heart with glue and then brushed on vintage ink to give it a more finished look.

20150106_105409_resizedGlued the heart to the center on the CD/DVD.


YouHaveMyHeart-paperIn order to work out the spacing of what I wanted my Valentine to say, I made a paper template by tracing around the CD/DVD.


MyHeart-TransferAfter I had it written on the paper template, I transferred it onto the CD/DVD (Note: use transfer paper to do this or just use the lead from a pencil and color on the backside of the message.  When you go back over the letters, it will give a faint image to use as a guide to paint over it).


ChopperI love this Crop-A-Dile that I used to punch a hole in the top my CD/DVD.  Purchased at my local craft store (of course I used a 60% off coupon!!!). 🙂

Used acrylic liquid craft paint to paint the message.

YHMH-wrappedI added string and a key to this one and just love how it turned out!



Love-paperMade another template so I could punch several holes around this one that I spray painted white.

Chalk HeartHand painted  a wooden heart with a few coats of chalkboard paint.  (Note: If you want to be able to use the surface over and over to write messages, prepare the surface with rubbing the chalk all over it.  Then, rub it into the surface with a cloth and then wipe it clean).  More on chalkboards.

LOVE-CDWeaved ribbon through my hole punches and then glued my chalkboard heart in the center – LOVE!


YAL-ChalkThis one was sprayed with chalkboard paint.  However, after writing on it with chalk, I decided to paint the message with white acrylic paint.  I made a bow out of ribbon and attached it with string and this encouraging gift is ready to share.

CD Valentines-chairI hope these CD/DVD Valentine’s inspire you to experiment making your own creations!

Please contact me if you would like any further details with this DIY project.

Make it happy,

♥ Michelle

Michelle Marttila

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