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Hello!  I hope you all are doing well and your new year is off to a great start!  My goal this year is to focus more…focus more on my top priorities with Happy Heart™.  Which means focusing in on what I am to be accomplishing with books and art…and making the plan happen!! :).

To begin with, I have placed Happy Heart Books and Happy Heart Made under the umbrella of Happy Heart™ LLC.  I am still discovering what everything looks like (what God’s plan is) and how it all falls into place with ministry/business.

Currently, I am creating the pages for an updated website to include a Kid’s Corner to compliment Happy Heart Books.  Also, praying about what path/direction is best for publishing.  My prayer for this year has been asking God to show me “what the next right move is for me to take/make” and then the next and the next…♥.  “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

It all started with a book, Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!, to help children build a strong faith foundation and character in the Lord.  I am passionate about kids grasping the freedom and restored life they have in Jesus Christ.  This will always be my main focus; my number one priority.  So, I will be focusing this year to get the next book in the Happy Heart™ series completed and published.   This does require the most time because so much goes into producing a book with editing, illustrating, and most importantly, praying about all the details involved with such a project.

What works best for me is to focus on one thing at a time.  Right now, I am in the editing phase…and moving into starting the illustrations.  Although, I have thoughts about the illustrations, I need time (must make time) to really pray about each page in the story to make them come alive and resonate with kids.  Plus, I  need wisdom to know what verses ( and activities) to include that would speak into the hearts of children.  Prayer is the most vital part of the book!!!  Prayer went into every page and idea for each line of Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!…I believe that is why it has touch so many little (and also big) hearts with it’s message.

I hope you will follow along and keep me in prayer to make the second book a reality!!!   I am going to start sharing more about the process and what’s new in the studio with Happy Heart Books once a month.  With that in mind, I will send out two additional email posts each month.  One will be about upcoming workshops and the other will be DIY projects/inspirations and/or current art with Happy Heart Made.

I am on Instagram now and try to post daily at HappyHeartMade and started weekly book updates at HappyHeartChildrensBooks.  Please follow along for updates and share with other families that would benefit from Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!

If you live in the Lynchburg area, Happy Heart: Fill’er Up! is available at these local BOOK STORES/SHOPS.  Also available online HERE: HappyHeartBooks

Blessings to you all….enjoy your week!!

♥ Michelle

Happy Heart™ LLC



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