Vintage Frog Mirror (Revived-Refreshed-ReMade)

God, who giveth life to the dead, and calleth the things that are not, as though they were.  Romans 4:17 (ASV)

Lily Mirror WaxHello! I hope you are all doing well this week!? I have been working on cleaning up/out files on my computer and phone…and working on new projects in between laundry, cleaning and cooking. 🙂

All 4000 photos out of my phone (and saved). Now, I am free to add a few apps I have been wanting to get and of course–TAKE MORE PICS (YEAH!!!).

Recently, we received confirmation to be a vendor at Vintage Lynchburg’s Holiday Sale on November 7, 2015.  If you live local, this is such a fun event to attend. I love when shopping is all in one place. It’s artists, antiques, furniture and more…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Keep up to date with the event details HERE.

Speaking of the SALE, I will be working on pieces and sharing them with you. Please let me know if anything strikes you…you are always welcome to shop before then! 🙂

Frog Mirror PlainWhen I saw this piece, I knew it was made for something more.  It had so much potential and beauty waiting to burst forth.   I was reminded on how the Lord sees us. He already has a plan, He already made a way and He lovingly shines His beauty on us.  He calls the things that are not as though they were (Rom. 4:17).  Marcia Greenwood brings us further encouragement regarding this in her message, You Are God’s Completed Child. ♥

Before giving this 1980’s mirror a fresh twist with color, I covered the “mirror” with painters tape.  I used CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint to bring the scene to life and then sanded it when the paint dried.Frogger Mirror

To protect the paint, I coated it with a thin layer of clear wax.Frog and Wax  The best way I have found to do this and avoid adding too much wax (talking from experience here…the first project I did with clear wax, I had wax flakes peeling off of it):

  1. Get a little bit of wax on the brush and then swirl it around on a styrofoam plate to “evenly” spread it out (this helps me get a light coat over the entire piece I am working on…and avoid clumps of wax).
  2. I keep adding wax from the plate to my brush as I make my way to cover the piece.
  3. After it has a thin/light layer of wax, I lightly wipe it with a clean cotton cloth (I use old t-shirts).
  4. Allow it to dry for a few hours and then use a clean cloth to buff the entire piece.
  5. For large pieces, I add the wax and lightly wipe over the area with my clean cloth as I cover/wax a section at a time.
  6. Again, if you add too much wax it will flake.  No worries though, just wipe it with a cotton cloth until there is no more coming off.  You can also lightly sand it with fine grit sandpaper.
  7. More detailed tips on waxing HERE.

Here it is!!!Full Frog MirrorLove how color gives new life to this piece and freshens it up to be enjoyed for years to come.  Lily closeupBe encouraged…God has great things planned for you!

Now, that’s worth looking in the mirror and smiling about!!!Full Mirror View

♥ Michelle

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