The Easter Message

I love this idea from Hymns & Verses on Pinterest to share the message of Easter with children.

I did not see any directions on how to make your own from Hymns & Verses. Therefore, I decided to give it a try so I would be able to give you some (basic) instructions.

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I gathered supplies around my home.
Hot glue gun or putty
A 4″ Terra Cotta Pot (for empty tomb),
12″ Saucer (for base…I used a 12″ paint lid for mine) 😀
Potting soil/dirt
Small rocks
One larger rock (for front of tomb),
Small sticks (for crosses…use some hot glue or putty to secure crosses to the 4″ pot before adding dirt), twine & scissors (to make crosses)
Seeds to grow the grass (use moss, sod or small flowers if you do not have time for the grass to grow)

1. I placed some dirt/potting soil on my 12″ lid (saucer).
2. The crosses I made from branches I found below our apple trees. Break or cut the twigs to “roughly” make your crosses 5″-6″ in height and approximately 2.5″ for the top.
3. Cut three 5″ pieces of twine to use to tie your smaller 2.5″ twigs to the taller twigs (and trim any excess twin after making it secure).
4. Secure the crosses to the 4″ terra cotta pot with some sort of glue or putty.
5. Add the 4″ terra cotta pot (with the crosses) to the scene and place some more potting soil around and on top of the pot to keep it from moving (and soil around the crosses).
6. Place the larger rock to the side of your 4″ terra cotta pot.
7. Add the smaller rocks in the front of the tomb.
8. You can add a few grass seeds to the soil or in my case, I added some moss and small flowers I found in my yard.

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I think this is a wonderful project to do with the children in your life! It is such a great way to help them understand the true meaning of Easter. As you work on it you can use some of these verses so they can know about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Have fun and be sure to share your creations at:

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