The Beauty of UP North (Part 1)

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John MuirTIEWe have been off the grid ‘taking it easy’ in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP (pronounced Yoo-Pee)) again. If you follow my blog, you know how adventurous my Yooper husband is when it comes to the great outdoors (Life Together). 

I have to admit, I am enjoying our adventures more than I used to.  Oh yes, I am still the cautious one questioning if we are on a legitimate road and wondering if we are going to be safe. However, I know it’s going to be part of our time in the UP…so I hold on and enjoy the ride (well, I hold on…joy comes after I survived the adventure(s)!!!). 🙂

UP TIP:  GPS is a must (Trust me, you do not want to get lost on a back road…even if the road does not exist on the GPS!!!).  

We headed up north after my younger brother got married at the end of June. It was a beautiful wedding and it was pure joy to see him so happy and spend time with my family!Cliff & Jen WeddingThis made for a longer vacation to enjoy a slower pace in exploring the UP.  Once there, my hubby gets the camp fire roaring. Campfire 2He can make a fire!!!  It makes me smile because I always think of the scene from Castaway when Tom Hanks makes a fire.  It’s classic!  My husband is the best at getting the fire going….he loves getting it started.  I love enjoying it and it’s beauty makes me happy.  Plus, it’s a must at the camp to help keep the mosquitos at bay.

UP TIP: Remember to bring along a lighter (for a cozy fire) and have plenty bug spray.  PersonallyI use Badger Bug Balm since it is a natural repellent (love the cedar scent of it).  However,  make sure to enter the UP armed with your favorite.  Plus, arm yourself with a handheld zapper.  We found these last year and they make all the difference for a pleasant camping experience.

I’m all about lazy days on the beach.
foot printsThe weather was wonderful with cool mornings in the 60’s (even dipping down into the mid-40’s a few nights) and then sunshine in the afternoons (a few days reached 70 to 80 degrees).AB2UP TIP:  Think layers (even in the summer) and pack for cool and hot weather (at least one sweater and/or long-sleeve shirt, (rain) jacket, long pants, and warm (wool blend) socks).Agates ABMiles and miles of beautiful agates, the occasional sea glass and  driftwood filled my heart with joy!Old dock AB “Whale burps” (pictured below on the right) were a new discovery this time as we roamed the shore.AB FindsUP TIP: Pack a box of freezer bags to hold cell phones and keys (anything else that needs waterproofed) while enjoying the shore.   Plus, they come in handy to hold treasures found along the way.Kevin & AgatesEven my Finnish man enjoyed time on land before taking to the water (me thinks he’s part fish too!). 😉 Can you spot him swimming?Hubs SwimmingUP TIP: You want to bring along some sort of water shoe.  Although, there is sand on some beaches, it is a very rocky shoreline.Hubs watershoesLake Superior is usually w-a-y too cold for me, but the water was about 60 degrees so I gathered up the courage to go in for a quick dip on this trip.  Usually, I am happy to just get my feet wet while my hubby explores depth unknown.Standing in LSPurr-fectly happy!♥ Paw RocksUP TIP:  The weather in the UP can vary day to day (and from location to location).  Make sure to have an emergency radio to keep alert to inclement weather conditions as you plan your trip.  

Even spending two weeks in the UP went by too fast!  There are so many beautiful places to see and local flare to enjoy.Agate Tower 2Thus says God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which comes out of it; he that gives breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein:” – Isaiah 42:5 

Join me next week as we explore Part II regarding the beauty of the UP and Yooper Life.

♥ Michelle

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