Summer Days!!!

As school is starting and autumn days are around the corner, I thought I would highlight the summer happenings in my world. It is so easy to forget the blessings that happen in everyday life. So it is in looking back, I look onward with a heart of gratitude for the ability to teach, travel and tell of the goodness of the Lord.

One of my favorite verses that I clung to during hard times, and it still speaks to my soul, is found in Psalm 27:13-14. “HOPE” – Four letters gathered together create such a powerful word that is like a waterfall to the thirsty and moves ones heart from feeling like giving up to have the energy to persevere.

So in recapping what has taken place I am grateful for the hope that Jesus Christ brings. Joy takes root in my heart that is found only in Him. I rejoice that His presence is ever with me and for the gift to create and reflect His beauty!

Thankful for these sweet young girls that share my passion for painting. I did not plan to teach an art class this summer. However, one inquiry led to another and the door opened. Glad I walked through it and gave of my time to inspire another. Well, actually it is the other way around…to be inspired by such enthusiastic artists! 🙂

Working with young artists painting Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Nighty.
Fionne VG
Before we began painting, we discussed elements of composition for Starry Night.

The students practiced drawing the design on paper to get the feel on how to layout the painting. Then they placed the main shapes of the stars, moon, trees, chapel, etc. on the canvas and began painting.
Justice VG

Love their work!!!


My husband is from Northern Michigan (Da U.P. – A full-blooded YOOPER!). It is a L-O-N-G drive to visit his hometown, but once we see the Mackinac Bridge, we get a burst of energy!

Once in the U.P., we head towards Muldoons for Pasty – YUM!!!
Pasty Time

Enjoying God’s little creatures playing near a rest stop.
Bun Buns

He loves to camp…so on an adventure we go!!!

Although camping in places unknown to man is not my thing, I do love the long days to take in all the breathtaking views…took these pictures after 10pm.
kev at campsite
Good morning…room service please!!!
Kev & Me Camping

Spending the day in Copper Harbor. Enjoying Coffee and homemade treats and enjoying this view from the dock.

Lake of the Clouds –

Roadside lunch…love these Vollwerth’s hotdogs from Michigan…heating up a pasty over the fire as well.

Connecting with family.
2014-07-03 23.31.22_resized

Love this field across the way from my Mother-n-law’s homestead –

Lake Superior is way too cold for me…so while my Yooper husband is swimming, I’m taking the opportunity to paint.


Spending a little time in nature checking out the Estivant Pines – Oh, the tales these trees could tell!!!
Rooted in God

Finding love along the way!
heart leaf

Stayed at a sweet little cottage.

Sunsets and Campfires (and a RAINBOW)-

My husband capturing this field of daisies for me – LOVE!!!

The place he and his friends swam – MEMORIES!

The Spring comes later in the U.P. (snow finally melted in June!!!). Everything is in bloom – REJOICING!!
2014-08-26 10.21.37_resized

Have to stop at the Jampot for some goodies!!!

Nothing better than checking out the agates and driftwood on the shore. God is the best artist!!!
my feet

What a find…sea glass shaped like a heart that Kev found for me!
glass heart

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite spots that help me to stop, breathe, and bask in the beauty of God’s creation. Learning to count my blessings and name them one by one. My heart is filled with gratitude for what the Lord has done!

Keep connected to see what is to come! In the future I’ll be covering many more ideas for the inspired heart to find joy in the little things in life, drawing techniques, fun projects from home school art class, more DIY projects, Christmas ornaments, and give-a-ways. Yes, GIVE-A-WAYS!!! I’ll be sending these things out by email, so if you are not on my email list yet then you can sign up below my photograph in the right-hand column. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!


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