Reptile Mix Media Creations (Day 1: Paper Designing)

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Day 1: (Class time 50 minutes)
Class viewed children’s books by Eric Carle to see how an artist/author created his own designs with paper and paint (note: Eric Carle uses tissue paper for his work. However, with young children, I chose 20# copy paper for better handling).

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I had a short demonstration showing the students how they can use various tools, some manufactured for art purposes and some items that would be around our homes (popsicle sticks, empty glue stick lids, toothpicks, forks,…to create designs on paper. I placed a sheet of wax paper under the half sheets of 20# copy paper to be painted (this will keep the paper from sticking to any surface).

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I explained terms like contrast colors, texture and layering in artwork.
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We discussed turtles and the environments where they live. We talked about the differences turtles have that live on land from turtles that live in the ocean (especially their limbs). Children brainstormed on things that they would be able to use in their reptile scenes.

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Each child was given a sheet of white card stock to draw their turtles. Children in 1st – 3rd grade tend to draw tiny so we talked about using the entire space of the paper (for them to think “BIG”) when drawing the turtle.

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We will continue working on our mix media reptile scenes on Friday, February 14, 2014. Please join us again as we continue to have fun in art!

Supplies Used:
20# Copy Paper
White Card Stock Paper
Wax Paper
Acrylic Paints
Sponge Brushes
Various Tools for Print/Design Making
Apron or Paint Shirt
Table Covers