Painted Rocks – Capturing Summer Days!

Anyone like me and wish summer would last forever!?!?  I love walking along the shoreline and collecting rocks (and driftwood too) to use in/for art projects.Umbrella rock

Nature’s canvas is one of my favorite mediums.  It’s a perfect resource to use in decorating your living space.  The natural elements reflect the beauty and peacefulness of God’s creation and bring a sense of calmness to one’s spirit.

SUPPLIES USED: Rocks, liquid craft paint, water, brushes, pencil and sealer.

I had a request to paint scenes of Lake Erie on rocks gathered from there.Lake Erie Rock plainA quick sketch to use as a guide as I add paint to this gem!

Since I wanted a softer touch to the rock scenes, I watered down the liquid acrylic craft paint.  Rocks are porous and soak up moisture.  The watery paint soaked into the rocks leaving a thin layer of paint on top of the rocks (Note: You can always use fine grit sandpaper to scrape off some paint and soften the look (or even give it a time worn/distressed look)).Rock Lighthouse layersAdding thin (watered down) layers of paint…

Lighthouse RockFinished piece.

Boat sunsetOne of the sunset scenes I did.

Rocks lined up

Coast scene

After painting the rocks, I sprayed them with a clear matte sealer to protect the paint.Top coat

Have fun painting scenes from your summer to serve as happy reminders of memories made…made for something more!Lighthouse:boat

♥ Michelle

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