Drawing Lessons

I am still working on de-cluttering (organizing!!!).  No schedule here.  Just faithfully making my way through our home and keeping in mind two questions, “Is this me/us?” and “Is this #1 on my/our list of favorite items (to wear, to use)?”

So far this strategy has helped me with clothes and dishes.  However,  it does not seem to be working when it comes to cleaning out my old art drawings and supplies.  I suppose the right thing to say is I trashed anything old, buuuuuuuuut I would be lying!  🙂

For now, I have kept everything and sorted my findings into files (and piles!).  Anything old and stained has gone into a repurpose pile to use in collage pieces.  Artwork in good condition has been placed into a Studio Art Portfolio for safe keeping.

I started out drawing faces.  Mostly, because I thought this would be a good test to see if I (and others) would be able to recognize the person.  I did not have any art books to reference back then.  I just practiced.  Stared at faces and tried to draw the shape(s) I saw.  However, over the years I have come across books that give great instruction on learning this step by step (see, list at the bottom).

Duran Duran

Drawing has always been very therapeutic for me and it has been a fun process looking through my work.  Some may say, move forward and don’t look back.  However, I find that looking back, gives me perspective.  Not to live in the past, but to be grateful for God’s goodness every step of the way and to see how He has provided, directed and guided.

Even, in writing this, I see a pattern in my life with art.  I see I gravitate more towards designing.  I like creating patterns and designs.   Certainly, an area I continue to commit to prayer as I move forward in art.

Rebekah Lyon’s book, Freefall to Fly examines our callings, how they grow from the place where your burdens and gifts collide and discovering one’s gifting in the context of community.  I love this confirmation of calling–where your burdens and gifts collide!  Have you examined this in your own life?  Where do your burdens and gifting collide?  Take time before the Lord and see what doors he has opened for you and what direction He is moving you in now.

Looking back on art…

Any of you ever make a hook rug?  Here’s my middle school drawing for one.  Seriously, how would I send this to the trash!!!

If this get’s your creative juices flowing, I see JoAnn’s carries supplies.  They have patterns, but how fun to make your own! Usually, a local newspaper printing company would be glad to give you a left over roll of paper.  Sketch out your pattern and transfer to the latch canvas.  Check out supplies HERE.

Guitar hook rugs

Norman Rockwell was a favorite of mine (still is).  Practicing his style on the left….and I used this angel design for a latch rug.


Love this one of Tom Selleck I did at 15.  Hair was not my thing… 🙂
Tom Selleck

Oh the 80’s!Tennis shoes

Here’s a T-shirt design I made in college for the Liberty University Hockey Team.Hockey Logo

Worked with Student Activities at LU and created concert backdrops (before the BIG technical stage productions of today).

Hmmmm–I may toss???  I have a collection of programs from the stage productions I was a scenic artist on.  Any reason to keep?   Programs

Oh, I love the old time vibe of this one!
Violin Artwork

From a college advertisement course.
Gap add

So glad the Lord speaks in many ways and never wastes a lesson! 🙂

Helpful books on drawing.

Drawing With Children

Usborne Books has wonderful books to help children with drawing.

Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain

Walter Foster books on drawing faces

♥ Michelle

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path.  Psalm 119:105


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