DIY Heart Garland

I have been challenging myself to use up the art supplies and things I have on hand before acquiring more. Anybody with me on this challenge?

This is easier said then done because I love junk! However, I am really, really, really being intentional on making progress in this area (with the exception of rusty metal objects I find on the ground–my hands become like magnets!!!).


With Valentine’s Day approaching, I decided to use some twine, ribbon and felt pieces (I had that were precut to create a rose). XOSupplies

These petals were the perfect size/shape to make into hearts (heart shapes can be made by folding regular felt, material or even paper in half and cut as seen in the photo).XOCUT

Once I had the hearts cut out, I decided to cut pieces of the ribbon and attach to the hearts with double sided sticky tape. I did not think it through before cutting the heart ribbon and ended up cutting tiny pieces to stick to the back of each little square.


My brain kicked in and I placed the XO ribbon on the tape and then cut each XO out (much faster).


After I attached the ribbon pieces to the felt, I laid them out to see how long to cut my twine.XOLine

I had the time, so instead of using my sewing machine, I stitched the hearts to the twine by hand (just a few stitches each—and through the taped ribbon to better secure it).XOSew

Within minutes I used my supplies (I already had) and created this heart garland to share with a friend.XOGarland

Perhaps you’re not the crafty kind, but you are great at repairing things, baking or you are the perfect listener.   Whatever it may be, I encourage you to share your blessing (your gift) with others.XOBAG

One of my favorite quotes came to my mind as I was cutting the rose petals into hearts.  It is from Saint Therese of Lisieux and is a perfect reminder how we all have a special place and purpose in this world.

“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.”

I love that!  Here’s to your heart being filled with inspiration and purpose to shine!

♥ Michelle

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Find Happy Heart: Fill’er Up!  …perfect for a child on Valentine’s Day ♥
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