DIY Frame/Memory Board

2014-05-06 08.37.10_resized
I loved this frame/memory board that I saw at my local craft store! However, I did not like the $70 price tag!!!

The wheels started turning in my head and I thought I am going to make one myself…

I picked up a few frames at a yard sale that ranged in price from $.25 to $1.00. I painted two of them (the one at the bottom silver then red with spray paint (let them dry between coats) and then I used sandpaper to distress it around the edges. The other I used a dry brush and acrylic paint to give it a weathered look).


I had the board on hand from another sale that only cost me $3.00.
2014-05-04 16.25.39_resized

I used black gesso (that I had in my stash of paints) to prime the board (or use a color of your choice…you may need to use more than one coat since natural wood tends to absorb the color).
2014-05-05 16.37.05_resized
2014-05-05 16.36.11_resized
I tend not to wear gloves, but as you can see, it would be a good idea to wear them. 🙂
I then added a coat of charcoal to tone down the boldness of the black gesso.
2014-05-05 16.34.27_resized
Once the board was dry, I added a self-leveling picture hanger to the back.
2014-05-06 08.35.27_resized
I first secured the top picture with a nail and then placed a nail to hold the bottom frame.
2014-05-06 08.34.22_resized
Then, I placed the other three on the board to get the spacing between them and attached each with a nail.

Here’s my frame/memory board.
2014-05-06 08.31.24_resized
Not an exact look alike, but I believe I achieved the look I wanted. Plus, my version only cost me $7.00 instead of $70.00! Yes, $7.00!!! Makes me love it even more!

I hope this encourages and helps you to make your own frame/memory board to showcase your favorite moments!

Happy art making!
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