This is for all the BRAVE souls taking steps of FAITH in life.BB-Front Finish

Yes, my hand is raised on this one!!!  We all can use a little encouragement along life’s road…a sign, a word, a message that catches our glance and speaks deep into our innermost being….with a loud whisper,

“You can do this…”

“You will make it…”

“Step out…”

“Step out in faith…”


I want you to know you have what it takes do the task before you.  The Lord is able to make a way where there seems to be no way (Don Moen’s popular song “God Will Make a Way” going through my head). 🙂

Reminded of Isaiah 43:19, “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” (NLT)


If you are reading this, the Lord, Jesus Christ, is making a way.  Lean on Him and He will help you “BE BRAVE”…to overcome, to love, to be loved, at work, at home, at school, in the game, on the field, in the battle, to forgive and be forgiven, in all you do and all you will do.  He’s goes before you, He’s all around you



Make your own “BE BRAVE” sign to set as a reminder of God’s mighty power to work in you and for you.

WHAT YOU NEED:  Canvas (8″x8″ pictured), Liquid Acrylic Craft Paint, Paint brushes, Paper, Pencil, Graphite paper, Water, Paint tray (styrofoam plate), Tape, Gold leaf and Adhesive (glue). NOTE:  Look for coupons in your local paper to get items at craft stores for less).

Paint your canvas (I added layers of colors–allowing each to dry in-between).BB Painting Canvas

I used graph paper to get my lettering straight and then centered it on the canvas with a a ruler.BB Measure

After centering BE BRAVE, I secure it at the top with painters tape.  Then, I placed a sheet of graphite paper (faced down) under it (not pictured), I traced over the sentiment to transfer it onto the canvas.
BB Words added

Painting letters with brown paint (Tip: Since I wanted more distressed letters, I used painters tape to pull up some of the paint before it dried…the “B” was done).
BB Apply Paint

With only the brown paint.  I like this look!  What about you?BBPainted Brown

HOWEVER…BB Glue BrushI love the brilliance of gold leaf (or should I call it God leaf to remind us to stay close to the ONE who SHINES HIS LIGHT into our lives and gives us the courage to BE BRAVE). 🙂

Brush on the adhesive (instructions on the bottle) and let it dry (approx. 10 minutes…the milky color will become clear when dry…it should be tacky to the touch–if not, apply more adhesive and allow it to dry).BE BRAVE

Applying the gold leaf to the dried/tacky adhesive on letters.BB-RAI press the gold leaf in with my fingers (you can slightly see how it is sticking to the adhesive on the R and A).

BB Gold LeafTo keep it simple, I applied the adhesive/gold leaf to the “BE” before adding adhesive to the BRAVE.  After pressing the gold leaf into the adhesive (letters), I peeled the larger pieces off in order to save them for another project.BB BE BagAfter the larger pieces are peeled off, I use a piece of a brown paper bag to scrape off any excess pieces of gold leaf.

BB finished SideWhat do you think?  I love this look even better!!!                                     Ready to face the day–BE BRAVE!

♥ Michelle

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