Covered with Hope

Hello friends!  I few years ago I found myself at a crossroads as a designer and creative.  I loved being able to paint signs by hand and encourage others through these inspirational pieces.  However, due to my thumb experience pain whenever I gripped the brush to write, I found I was not able to keep painting in this manner.  I pursued teaching for a while and enjoyed every minute of it!  I plan to continue this to some degree in the future ( I will keep you posted on any updates).  For now, I am working on my passion for painting and to make works of art that speak to the heart of the viewer.  We have the greatest of all artists in God our Creator.  I want to learn from him and share what we create together to help brighten your corner of the world.

I am learning every day to pray more and hold fast to the HOPE we have in Jesus Christ.  By nature, I am more of an introvert, but embracing freedom and a brave heart to share more beauty through art.  This fall, I will be adventuring out for two events.  You can find me at the Beaver Dam Sunflower Festival in September and the Mountain View Vintage Market in October.  Both of these events are in the most beautiful settings.  Make plans to get outside and enjoy nature and so many awesome creatives.  I am looking forward to connecting with you and our wonderful community in Central Virginia.  Even if you are not in our area, please feel free to contact me so I can create that special work of art to color your heart happy.  Drop me a line!

Happy joy to you always,