Art Class – Turtle Creations (Day 3)


Due to snow days and Spring Break, this project has been stretched out. However, the kids are troopers and jumped right in excited to start cutting and gluing down their paper patterns they designed for their turtle creations from Day 1 and Day 2.

Before everyone began cutting, we went over details (since I have a lot of 5 year old students, I gave them some direction):

We talked about what is the background and foreground in their art project (explaining the importance of placing background objects (rocks, logs and dirt) on the canvas first). I allow the students to tell me what would happen if I glued my turtle down before the ground it stands on. This helps them understand the concept of background and foreground more and also about layering objects in their pictures.

Explain/demonstrate how to cut out their images (using their pencil sketches as a pattern to cut the painted paper patterns).

We also discussed how to use a glue stick and to make sure the entire image they cut out was covered with glue…and to glue the background pieces down first (we used color glue sticks so they could see where the glue was applied).

Also, after starting class, I realized I needed to demonstrate to some of the children how to use scissors.

Throughout the class, I make my way around the room (with help from some wonderful mothers too) showing the children how to do what I just explained.




As you can see, we are almost done with our turtle creations. They are looking fabulous!

The students will finish cutting and gluing down the rest of their pieces during our next class and seal the entire canvas with mod-podge (NOTE: If you are working one-on-one with a child or with older students, mod-lodge can be used instead of glue sticks for the entire project. It is a lot easier (less messy) in a large class of (5 – 8 year olds) to use glue sticks to assemble and then the mod-podge to seal everything in place).

If you make this project with your kids, I would love to see them! Please feel free to post on my Facebook page at:

Have fun!