Vintage Lynchburg 2016

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hs2016It was a chilly, but beautiful Saturday for the Vintage Lynchburg Holiday Sale.  We were able to get everything set up the night before, so I was ready to go by the start at 7:00 am (coffee please!!!).  I’m always a little nervous as I get everything ready for the event.  Fear creeps in and I start to wonder if anyone will come by my booth and/or if anyone will like what I have worked so hard on for months!?!?booth2016I definitely have to keep my thoughts on promises from the Lord…and I start to feel more at ease after the first sale. 🙂 It’s rewarding to know that something I made is blessing someone else life.
It was so encouraging to have many of you (and other friends) stop by to say “hello.”  Thank you!!

This year I had a lot of “reversibles” for Thanksgiving and Christmas that made it fun for customers.

SIDE 1give-thanks-side-1Side 2
mc-signBeing in a parking garage makes it hard to get the best photographs….so most of my pics for the day are not too clear. 🙁days-untilI really enjoyed making Christmas themed pieces this year.  These small gift bags are a perfect touch to place a treat in and hang on a tree or give as teacher of my favorite things to make are these (reclaimed wood and nail) Christmas tree ornaments and decor.  tree-ornament-2copy This year I had four sizes ranging from mini’s (3 inches) to large (10 inches).  display-treesSigns are always fun to make.  I love the simple, but powerful reminder of this one to keep communication ongoing with the Lord! 🙂

prayAnd I really had fun adding a “happy” twist to familiar sayings and songs for the season. doyouseeThe team with Vintage Lynchburg does an amazing job to get everything set-up for the event.  letitsnowAt the entrance was this amazing piece!!!  I wonder how many hours went into making this “Let it Snow” string art…and all the decorations!! ♥

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  Please let me know if I may be of service to you.

Update: My paperwork to open an online shop is almost completed.   Who knew there were so many details and paperwork to complete to be able to do business in Virginia! 🙂  I decided to place both Happy Heart Books and Happy Heart Made under the blanket of Happy Heart LLC.

Here’s a new logo design for the shop (this was for a black & white ad for Vintage…it will be yellow…such a happy color!).  What do you think?  screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-4-01-34-pm


♥ Michelle

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